Oh yea… so we got married…

… and then didn’t post any pictures. Bad Thornburghs. As you know, these things take time, but our awesome photographers actually got ours to us pretty quickly. Riiight around Christmas… and who wants wedding pictures around Christmas?

I was going to wait an entire year to post these, but as my wonderful friend Jeannette – who is getting married herself next year!! – reminded me about this site, I realized it was time for an update. So, without further adieu…

We survived the light sprinkle, which conveniently cleared up right after the ceremony. Supposedly rain on your wedding day is good luck? My mother and I created most of the decorations, which where executed by the amazing Myra from the Sawyer Family Farmstead, who were such gracious hosts. We think it turned out pretty well.

Special thanks to LeahAndMark & Co for documenting our celebration, the wonderful Kathy Jennings for officiating, and of course our families, without whom this day wouldn’t have been possible. More to photos come on our anniversary.

Don’t Buy Us Things

amazonSome people have asked where we are registered for the wedding. Truth be told, we prefer your presence (or cash). However, if you really want to get us something, we were able to scrounge up a few things we actually need and have registered on Amazon. Top priority items include nonstick pans and Whole Foods gift cards.

Seriously though, just come party with us!!

Invitations: Complete

Last week, after months of planning and preparation, I finally put our wedding invitations in the mail. Well, I handed them to a guy at the post office, because I was too nervous to drop them in the ominous blue mailbox. A LOT of hard work went into getting these invitations together and out the door, so I thought I’d show you guys just how much.

Already having Aaron’s awesome Save the Date coasters, I decided to try my hand at designing the invitations using that base. I love typography design, so it was a lot of fun coming up with the concept. Once I figured out what I wanted, I let Aaron finesse it into perfection. Then, it was on to production. We had custom ‘letterpress’ stamps made, and my amazing friend Jeannette cut and pressed all the invitations and RSVP cards for us, from just 2 plates!

custom stampsI chose to do my RSVP cards as postcards so that I could decorate the back of them. While we were in the process of getting the plates made, Jeannette and I carved custom stamps that I would use later on. I also designed and ordered a few stamps from RubberStamps.net, which I would highly recommend for any future stamp-making needs.

Once the invitations were in hand, the hard part came along: decorating. I started with the envelope liners. Cutting the liners was fussy. I tried using a precision knife tool, but could only cut a couple at a time. I ended up cutting them by hand, but with more than five they started to get a little weird. Originally, I’d wanted to do a couple different types of envelope liners, but the stars worked out best in practice. A day later, I had 60 envelope liners ready to go.

Finally, the most difficult task was at hand. I had to come up with at least 3 postcard designs (because let’s face it, doing 60 of the same would’ve been BORing) and then make them all happen, with my oddly crafted homemade stamps. I affixed my largest tree to Aaron’s french press and got to stamping. I came up with three tree lines and figured I’d come up with the skies afterwards. Trees took a full day and a half. I was so happy when I finished.

Path 2014-08-12 13_16

Last but not least, I filled in the skies. This ended up being the most fun part, of course. I first stamped all the additional stars and planets, then added in the specially embossed custom stamps to finish it off. For the planets (props to those of you who get the reference) I also used watercolor paint to give that lovely gradient look. All-in-all, I was pretty ecstatic about how they turned out. Hope you enjoy them too!

DISCLAIMER: Uninvited guests WILL NOT be fed, so please only show up as invited. 😉

Live Music!

This post is long overdue, but I am happy to announce that we officially secured a wedding band! Cal Olivier & the Fickle Souls will be joining us for a night of acoustic indie folk and covers. We’re very excited to have them as part of our crew. Cal and Hannah recently moved from the mountains in North Carolina to warm and sunny Tampa, but we hope they’ll enjoy the trip back to the Smokies. We love their original music, and their style, so be sure to check them out.

Cal Olivier & the Fickle Souls

On another note, stay tuned for my “Making of…” post on invitations, hitting the mail today! Can’t wait to see you guys in October. =D

Save the Dates!

Hopefully you’re seeing this because you’ve gotten your Save-the-Date already, but if not, keep an eye out in the mail!

save the dates

We’ve updated the website with information about the venue, as well as Lodging in the area. We even have an About Us section with all that fun stuff if you’re interested. As the date gets closer, we’ll post more information about the event, including the schedule, and the menu. Help us get an early headcount if you know you won’t miss it by filling out the form below. Looking forward to seeing you all in October!

Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, we weren’t able to invite everyone we wanted to invite. We hate that this is the case, and if you REALLY want to go, but don’t get a Save-the-Date, please still use the RSVP form below to let us know. We can always make adjustments to the guest list before sending invitations.

Early RSVP

PS. This is an adults-only party, so if you have kids (12 or under), please make arrangements to leave them at home.


Welcome to the official website of the future Aaron & Misha Thornburgh. Among a special gathering of friends and family, we will exchange vows at the Sawyer Family Farmstead in Cashiers, North Carolina. It will be a simple ceremony and a relaxed reception. The setting will be intimate, complete with a fire pit and wrap-around deck that overlooks a waterfall. There will be live music, libations, and a spread fit for foodies. And oh yes, there will be s’mores. Until then, this is where you can find out more about the venue, dinner menu, or staying in Cashiers/Highlands. Check back regularly to see how the planning is coming along.